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  We realize:
- Translation of business
 - Translation of contracts,
   proposals and other;
   business  documents;
 - Technical translatons;
 - E-mail translation;
 - Other translation services.

  The list of languages:
 - Ukrainian,
 - Russian,
 - English,
 - German,
 - French,
 - Italian,
 - Spanish,
 - Turkish,
 - Korean,
 - Arabic,
 - Chinese,
 - Japanese,
 - Persian


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   We are glad to provide you our translation services. If you need to translate any documents or letters from English to Russian, from Russian to English, from English to Ukrainian,  from Ukrainian to English, French, German, Arabic, etc. ,  or if you need such translation service (for example when  you correspondence with somebody from Former USSR), then our  interpreters will help you with pleasure.

   We realize translation of business correspondence, contracts, proposals and other business  documents, technical translatons, e-mail translation and other translation services. 

Several  professional interpreters works at our company. They can realize high-quality translation for you. The aim of our professional translator is to capture the exact meaning of the source text without breaking the integrity of the author's style of expressing ideas. In today's rapidly changing world, good translators must be careful to adapt modern phrases and ideas to fit into less adaptive languages.

   We can give you results of our work  in hard copy, on magnetic/optical disk, by e-mail, or by fax.

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